Using an innovative method to not only be free from the addiction, but to realise a better quality of life than ever before. We get to the root cause and release the stress and trauma that started the addiction.

We work with you in a private, safe and welcoming setting to get to the underlying causes of why coping mechanisms and habits are needed. Relieving these underlying symptoms reduce the need for the relief through destructive patterns or substances, along with working on direction and purpose going forward.

We are proud to offer this unique program with a proven high success rate along with long term results and benefits to each person.

Who we can help;
Methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, alcohol use, prescription medications, pornography, gambling and many other addictive substances and behaviors.


Weekly Sessions
Sessions are conducted with a compassionate and experienced practitioner in a caring and supportive setting. Our effective & innovative guided therapy allows you to sit back and relax while making profound and positive change in yourself and life.

Daily Support
This program focuses on what your personal needs are and we include any support that you may need along the way.
Message us any time of day when you need it most.

Kinesiology Sessions
Our Kinesiologist works in conjunction with your therapist. Using a combination of techniques which identifies and releases stress in the mind and body. They will also test for nutrition or supplements to assist with any deficiencies or symptoms.

Sauna Sessions
Infrared sauna sessions are a proven way to relax and assist with detoxing impurities and toxins from your body. Along with mood boosting benefits,
sauna sessions are included in each program.


Nutrition Support
Nutritional needs discovery and testing are provided as a part of your program. Customised to your specific needs and circumstances, along with high quality natural supplementation to assist with imbalances and energy needs on a physical level.

Float Tank
Floatation therapy is a widely accepted form of treatment for a variety of conditions and ailments. Many studies and reports have shown floatation to be extremely beneficial to both physical and mental health, along with providing an overall effect of well-being.

We offer a large range of personal development books from our on-site library. We also offer a private online community (optional) and provide personalised digital resources that will help you on your journey. 

Addiction Recovery Program runs for 8 weeks and costs $3900 (all services included).

*Price excludes GST
*Flexible Interest Free payment plans available

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