What are my options?

In Australia, Addiction Rehabilitation and Detox costs can vary based on many aspects.

Let take a look at some of the differentiation, so you can get a good idea of what you should be looking for based on the needs for you or a family member.

Having to seek or being open to seeking help and rehabilitation is a courageous step and you want to ensure that you are spending your time and money wisely before committing through understanding to make sure that it's the right decision based on your circumstances.

When we structured our programs - we thoroughly researched all of the current rehabilitation services available in Australia and close to shore. We found a pattern in pricing and offerings across the board, here are the findings and questions you need to ask yourself before considering which would be right for you;


Do you have an addiction?
This might seem like a strange question but it is a valid one. An addiction is a behaviour or substance which has become priority in life over your basic needs with an on-going reliance. The earlier you get help the better, but rehabs should want to help you no matter what stage you or they think you are at with your addiction or mental health issue.


Do you need help now?
Government funded drug rehabs in Melbourne can have up to a 6 month waiting list (last updated July 2016) and can often be low grade in terms of personal care and one-on-one time with a therapist or health worker. Usually when someone needs help they need it now.


Do you have an income?
When it comes to private recovery programs, as apposed to programs funded by the Government (waiting lists can average 6 months for Government funded programs in Australia). A quality private rehab will need to be funded by you or your family. 
Most centres require an upfront payment starting from $5,000.00 and go up to as much as $32,000.00 plus expenses. Be wary if they want the whole amount upfront as you might find that the program is not right for you early on and want to avoid more guilt by leaving a large financial burden on you or your family. 


How do you know they are able to get the results?
Success rates can vary depending on the rehab that you are looking into. Unfortunately, they may not be honest about their results. Be confident in asking for testimonials and past clients contact details to ask them how it was. Also ask how long into the program that they stop using for and rates of relapse and when. In-patient rehab facilities will often say they have a high success rate (because you cannot access illegal drugs while in there and you are away from your normal environment) but if you have not resolved the underlying reasons,  emotions and traumas then, when you go back into your environment your chance of relapse is much higher.
You can also look at online reviews to help you decide.

What is your environment like?
One of the key questions that you need to ask is whether you need an in-patient or out-patient rehab facility or program. This will greatly depend on whether you currently have somewhere safe to sleep, eat and detox early on in the program (3-10 days). If you do have somewhere like this then it is more likely that your recovery will be much more effective and relapse will be minimised.

Then, once you have detoxed you can attend an outpatient program (or during detox if it's too hard). The reason for this is that you are treating and dealing with triggers in your normal everyday life, which you will need to learn how to encounter with (especially stress) if you want long-term results. Plus it will allow you to go back to work sooner and be able to be with your family and/or partner.

Do you have support from loved ones?
Most rehab programs only offer support through group sessions with others who are trying to get well or limited time with their therapist or psychologist. Support is very important in terms of confidence and motivation to start the program. Look for a program which offers support in the moments when you need it the most to ensure support is felt by the right people at the right time.


Do you want anyone to know?
Checking into rehab can be an embarrassing or possibly detrimental thing to your career, business or relationships. Even if someone decides to go on a holiday on their own - it may be seen as out of character and can be hard to be kept private while trying to recover.
Choosing an outpatient program cut be more viable for people unless the situation is too unsafe or tempting, then going away for a while might be suitable.

Do you still have to care for your family/loved one?
One of the hardest things is to be able to help ourselves when we have a dependant/s that rely on us on a daily basis. Look for a centre which can cater for this either internally or having access to a program which will not take too much of your day and time may be ideal.


Do you still need to work?
Many of us who seek treatment for mental health and addiction problems find it hard to decide whether to take the time or not, as most of us have commitments like work and looking after the family.

 Rehab which takes you away for up to 3 months may cause large financial stress for you and your family. In this case an outpatient program which offer day sessions or after work hour sessions are ideal to ensure that additional stresses are not being added into your life.

Making a decision about where you would like to go to get help can be significant. Don't give in to sales tactics, follow your feeling about the people, the centre facilities and what is included in the initial price that they give you.

The price of addiction and mental health problems can be significantly high and families who would do anything to make sure that loved ones GET THE HELP THAT THEY NEED. WE URGE YOU TO BE CAUTIOUS ABOUT BEING taken advantage of during this stressful time and do your research as much as possible before making a decision.


If you would like to know more, feel free to book in a free initial consultation with one of our practitioners to find out which addiction or mental health recovery program would be right for you. Or you can find out more about our programs and results here.