It’s likely that you’ve already heard people raving about float tanks and their benefits - after all, floatation therapy acts as a reset to your mind, body and soul, allowing you to come out refreshed, re-energised and ready to take on your day regardless of what comes at you. But what exactly is it about and how does it work?

float tank melbourne

The float tank, which is a pod that is large enough to fit your body with room to position yourself, contains an Epsom-Salt water solution (500kg Magnesium Sulfate) and is heated to average skin temperature (35°C). The high salt content allows your body to float buoyantly, removing the effects of gravity, leaving you feeling supported and weightless. Basically, you hop in the soundproof tank, preferably close the lid, switch off the lights, and float for an hour in a peaceful environment free from distractions! Think of it as a little mini vacation. No stress if you’re claustrophobic either - the tanks are larger than you think, and you have the option to leave the lid open, internal pod lights on, and listen to specialised music while you’re in there to help make the experience as comfortable for you as possible!

And the benefits? They’re endless! Other than stress relief and relaxation, you can expect pain relief, mental clarity, an increase in energy, improvement in sleep patterns, improvement in creativity and even a shift in consciousness.

Rest House is also the only centre that offers DreamScape Elements as a free addition to the floatation experience. DreamScape Elements are a series of audio tracks that were designed specifically for use in a float tank, which you can choose to listen to during your float. This generally helps first time floaters ease into the experience, as well as aids regular floaters to learn new ways of thinking. The audio tracks use guided meditation, positive affirmations and binaural beats to stimulate the subconscious mind and create a relaxed and receptive pathway to the area of your brain that influences behaviour. This allows new concepts to be introduced to the brain and used in the real world, regardless of whether you fall asleep in the tank or not - which is totally safe and normal!

There’s tracks covering a wide range of topic, but crowd favourites include:

Stress Buster: Great for first time floaters - release stubborn anxiety and tension, and learn new ways of handling stress that helps you take that wonderful floating feeling out into the real world.

Mental Detox: The equivalent of taking a broom to your mind and sweeping away negative, unhealthy thoughts and replacing them with a new perspective.

Pain Away: Taking advantage of the natural relief floating already offers, this element implants post-float suggestions so pain sufferers can learn to recall the natural effects learned in the sessions.

So get ready to take your self care routine to the next level!

Float tank sessions are included in all of our programs including our Mental Health, Addiction Recovery and Wellness Program or schedule a Free Initial Consultation to see which one would be right for you.