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"I knew in that moment that I wasn't going to let fear control my life anymore"


Milos is my brother from another mother, it's always fun to sit down and talk about life with this man. We cover a heap in this episode and have a lot of laughs, however in between those laughs we dive deep into a period of Milos' life that shaped who is he today. This was the time in his life when his Mum was diagnosed with cancer. We talk about how his life changed in that moment and led him to the mission he's on today. This guy's energy in infectious and I'm that will come through in this show, enjoy!

In this episode we talk about
- The moment he found out his Mum had cancer
- How he stepped away from a career in investment banking to focus on health
- The phone call that saw him decide fear was no longer going to control his life
- How he went from the shy kid to the man you hear today
- Overcoming our fears by getting out of our comfort zone
- The health & mindset community he's creating
- Plus much, much more



The final exchange Milos had with his Mum

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