When we're experiencing a dark night of the soul there comes a time when we must distance ourselves from some people and this can be very hard, because we care for them greatly. Understand that we must put ourselves first and heal, then we can go back and if the people we care for want our help then we're in a position to do so.

Sometimes what looks like letting go of an addicted love turns out to be the most compassionate thing for both of us. Sometimes this wakes them up, sometimes it sends them to rock bottom, where the only way is up. Sometimes it means they don't come back up. But that's not our fault, we gave what we could, and not everyone is within our reach to save, or even help. So, we can mourn the loss and forgive ourselves for any unnecessary guilt we feel.

And we recognise,  with our shortcomings, what we learned in the process, to keep our own hearts clean.

This way we grow in integrity, which is why we can help at all.


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