Whether it's anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, trouble dealing with a life event, physical pain, not happy in a relationship, plateau in career, grieving a loved one, having emotional blocks, lacking confidence, holding onto guilt, living in fear, etc......

The first step is asking for help. It is the gateway for healing to take place.


It's just a few simple words....why is it so hard to ask for help?? 
Because vulnerability is one of our greatest fears.


This is generally how it goes - 

We have a feeling, a knowing deep down that something isn't right within us. We then become very harsh and critical of ourselves because we're not happy and don't know why.

We will then either put on a happy facade in front of friends and family, we'll complain to them about life constantly, or both.

But we will not ask for help.



There is strength in being vulnerable, in being human.

This first courageous, strong and bold step opens us up. It allows the walls we have built up around ourselves to start to come down. Yes there is work ahead, and yes, it's scary but every single person on this planet needs help at various times in their life. The people that you see who are happy, healthy and peaceful are the ones who have asked for help when they needed it.


When you don't ask for help when you need it, you assume all of a burden that might easily (and gladly) be shared. But you also deprive those who'd love to assist you of the opportunity to do so.


Everyone is worse off.


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