As I sit here in my lounge room on a cold Thursday night a quite challenging week is nearing an end. There’s been some external events happen this week that have taken a toll to an extent. But it’s all about perspective and how we view our emotions in the tough times, I like to see them as a perfect chance to grow.


We all tend to seek comfort but I think the far greater objective and the one that will benefit us for the rest of our lives, is to adapt to discomfort.


When external events do press on us and we get caught up in a train of thoughts that seem to never end it’s good to remind ourselves what’s important, and that’s the Present Moment.


What I’m doing right now is something that always centres me and bring me back to the NOW. I’m simply observing Disco (my 5 year old Rottweiler).

At the minute I’m eating a steak so he’s sitting on the floor next to me drooling, watching each piece of steak go from my fork into my mouth. I give him a bit which he demolishes in fairly quick time. If I didn’t give him any that would be ok because dogs don’t hold grudges. Even if for some reason I yelled at him for doing something, a minute later he’d be by my side looking for a pat.

He won’t be stewing on any negativity for hours, days or weeks. What a waste of energy that would be.


Just now my housemate is arriving home and Disco hears the car and runs to the window to check who it is. He looks out the window for 30 seconds or so then hears me cut into another piece of steak and that brings him straight back over.

My housemate opens the front door and Disco greets him the same way he does for me everyday, with unbridled joy.


I finish the steak then he notices his chew toy on the floor, he jumps on it then runs over to me with it in his mouth. He spends time playing every day, something that humans tend to forget to do.



We run around like clowns for a bit then I have to tend to some things. At this point he lays down on the floor and falls asleep.


The point of all this is, Disco couldn’t give a shit about anything but THE PRESENT MOMENT.

And that’s all that matters. The past is done, the future doesn’t exist yet, but we spend nearly all of our time in these places. By doing this we miss the beauty of the NOW.


So thank you Disco, for reminding me what’s important.


Ryan Hassan - Co-Founder at The Melbourne Centre of Healing.

Specialists in Addiction Recovery (including Ice Addiction) and Mental Health at our Rehab Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

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