Be The Sun.


“Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth, “You owe me.”

Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.”

– Hafiz


We seem to live in a society based on checks and balances:

“You owe me this”

“You owe me that”

“Who paid for the coffees?”

“That bitch ripped me off!”

“I won’t put myself out for that person because they wouldn’t do the same for me”

“Remember I got lunch last time, so it’s your turn”

“I’m not going to help them, they can do it themselves”

“You didn’t give me the correct change”

“You owe me one”

“I’m not going to complement her, she never does to me”

“It’s your turn to put the dishes away, I did it last night”

Or one of my personal favourites…..

“Let me get my calculator out so we can work out EXACTLY what everyone owes!”

How does it feel to give, expecting something in return? Feels ok, then a gnawing anxiousness can often follow.

How does it feel to give freely, with absolutely no expectation of anything in return? It feels bloody good. You feel complete and full.

The Sun shines on all people. The tall, the short, the fat, the skinny, the homeless, the wealthy, the criminals, the judges, the old, the young, animals, plants, EVERYTHING.

The Sun just gives. It doesn’t expect anything in return. Although people have worshiped the Sun, it doesn’t need that worship. It will give either way..

We often choose who we’re going to smile at, how about smiling at everyone?

Imagine never having to say “you owe me” again, that’s liberation.

People automatically think about money when looking at this topic. That’s such a small part of how we give.

Just send good vibes everywhere you go. That person you smile at in Woolworths, you could've just completely changed their day. What this does is create a ripple of positivity, the more ripples we make the more people wake up to the simple beauty of life.

Be The Sun.


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