What if you knew that the person performing surgery on you had taken an illicit drug to work 24 hours straight to keep up with the demand in that hospital?

What if you knew that your high energy , cutthroat lawyer actually got their confidence from a line of cocaine before your court hearing?

What if that business owner, who appears to be high flying and powerful is gaining big business deals by staying up long nights and days to give them an edge in their market is actually using drugs to keep up?

What about the stay at home mum, who goes from doctor to doctor for prescription drugs to numb out depression and anxiety from not knowing who she is or what is happening in the future while having to deal with raising a family and trying to keep up appearances to family and friends that she has it together.

The professional sales rep who works in a high pressure and fast paced environment who wants a competitive advantage at work and went for recreational use of drugs to using daily work to keep up their energy.

In no way am I generalising in mentioning particular jobs or labels here, but I do want to make it clear that the stigma of what an ‘addict’ is in people's minds can be way off from reality.

The reality is that there are many people who are what is called ‘high functioning’ addicts.

The issue is that these stimulants, such as methamphetamine (Ice) and cocaine has short term benefits. It increased physical energy, brain functioning, stamina and confidence in oneself.

Why is this dangerous? The reason is because it is only temporary when it comes to its benefits AND that the benefits are so good temporarily when it comes to performance that it can be very tempting to continue to use.

As we have found in our centre and seeing many clients and it is well known that the effects of the drug don’t ever last and this can spiral out of control and greatly affect families, finances, health and general spiral downwards in quality of life.

This is when they start considering getting help, they start googling rehabs in Melbourne or counsellors and try and work out a way to get off their dependency - as they start to realise that the performance is short lived and the negatives far out-way the benefits.

Normally when you think of a drug addict, you don’t count yourself in.

Many people are handed prescriptions like Benzodiazepines (sleeping pills, Valium, Xanax), antidepressants or beta-blockers for anxiety with one visit to the doctors they will happily ask a few questions and fill in a prescription for you so they can get to the next client and get their kick back.

Many people are excessively drinking, gambling, overeating or uncontrollably shopping.

At the end of the day these are not dissimilar and we don’t look at these people differently from each other - they are all coping mechanisms. When someone walks into our clinic, we see someone that has courage, is ready to change and know that they need to release what they are trying to avoid and escape from or unrealistically run to.


We always want to cope, be happy, feel good and keep up with society when it comes to success and ‘things’, but at what price?

It’s time to change the norm when it comes to managing how we feel, what is currently the ‘norm’ when it comes to the health industry currently in Australia isn’t working.

Our team at The Centre for Healing have spent the last few years collaborating and researching on the next generation of much needed healing to change the current system when it comes to dealing with mental health and addictions which many are facing from all walks of life.

The stigma and the treatment of common issues which have been passed down through generations and the influence of society needs to be re-addressed and healed.


If you or someone you know needs help or advice for an addiction or mental health issue please contact us directly by going to our contact page.


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