How Cheap is my Happiness?


Getting cut off in traffic

  • $10

Everyone’s in a rush these days, it’s gonna happen! You’re putting your happiness in someone else's hands here, and I bet you’ve cut someone of before. This is a real cheap one.


Burning your tongue coz your coffee is too hot

  • $15

Yes you mightn’t be able to taste your food properly for the rest of the day, but you shouldn’t of been so eager. Go for the very small sip first. Even though you’ll want to blame the person that made it or even the coffee itself, it’s no one’s fault. It’s just a hot coffee.


Getting dumped

  • $200

Getting dumped can be rough, real rough. Isn’t it good though to know that this is confirmation that this isn’t the person you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with?

Good opportunity to remember the good times and learn from all the challenges.


I’m hungry

  • $5

I’ve been guilty of this before. Truth is, we can go 3 weeks without food. Suck it up!


Wifi dropping out

  • $30

Wifi is a complex system of cables, electrical signals, modems, etc. It’s gonna drop out. Good chance to disconnect and read a book or meditate.


Pen stops working

  • $5

Get a new pen. Even better, go old school and bust the quill out.


Watching someone do a task incorrectly

  • $2.50

Everyone’s doing the best they can with the current resources they have available. They don’t need your critique, they will learn by failing.


Losing $20

  • $20

It’s a lobster, get over it. Money can be made back. Don’t tie your happiness to plastic notes.


Finding out someone has said something about you behind your back

  • $50

What anyone says about you is a reflection of them, not you. Therefore there is no need to take anything personally.


Thinking about misfortunes of the past

  • $500

This is a tougher one. We get stuck thinking about the past. Truth is, whatever the event was, only happened once. It’s only kept alive in our mind, when something keeps presenting itself in our mind it means we must go deep with it, resolve it, then we can let it go for good.


The need for perfection

  • $60

We live in a beautiful world of imperfection. Nothing is ever ‘perfect’ and there’s never the ‘perfect time’. That’s what makes life so bloody amazing! Perfectionism leads to frustration, don’t wait for perfect, just act!


Someone trolls you online

  • $1.50

Welcome the trolls and welcome their negativity. If you have any sort of mission and purpose they will be there. To think otherwise is madness.


Bumping into your ex

  • $100

If this takes away your happiness then there’s unresolved issues with that relationship. You can recognise that and heal the issues within yourself. Then bumping into the ex will be a pleasant experience, not an awkward one.


Going to work

  • $20

If your happiness fades when you’re on the way to work monday, or even on sunday night then for god sake change what you’re doing. This is how mid-life crisis and heart attacks happen.


Death of a loved one

  • $-----

Can’t put a price on this one. Hearing that a loved one has passed with always take away your happiness. The question here is, how long for??

There is a grieving process to go through which involves a whole range of emotions. Once we’ve gone through that we can celebrate the time our loved one spent on this earth.

I’ve worked with people still holding the grief after 20+ years. This is not how we honor someone, we let it go and live an amazing life!


Housemate leaving the toilet seat up

  • $1

Come on ladies, this isn’t a big deal.


Not receiving praise from a loved one

  • $40

The more we crave validation from someone the less we’re going to get it, it’s an energetic thing. When you do something for a loved one, do it because you love them, not because you want something in return.


Fear of failure

  • $300

Really common fear this one. When you’re really excited about a project then all of a sudden you think “what if I fail?” Then your whole moods changes.

So what if you fail?? Failure needs to be celebrated not feared. The failures someone has the more success they shall have.


Thinking about someone else and how their life is ‘better’

  • $75

That human is telling the story of their life. You’re telling the story of yours. You have no power over how someone writes the book of their life. You do however have full control of your own, focus on that.


Having someone tell you that you’re wrong

  • $35

Wrong and right is all merely an opinion. If you live in your heart and are true to yourself then the opinions of others are just that. Nothing is to be taken personally.


Looking at yourself in the mirror

  • $300

Don’t like what you see in the mirror? First step is to love yourself unconditionally anyway.

Look into your eyes and send yourself love, keep doing it until you cry. Then if you still want part of yourself to change it will come from love and not hate. That is power!!


Waiting in a queue

  • $29.99

What an opportunity to take stock of where your day/week is at. Also to check in with how your emotions are and to smile at strangers :)


Lotto numbers not coming up

  • $0.10

Numbers didn’t come up? Great, make that the last lotto ticket you get and start making waves in the real world!


No matter what you’ve done, or who you think you are, you DESERVE HAPPINESS.


Ryan Hassan, Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing (Melbourne).

Specialists in Addiction Recovery (including Ice Addiction) and Mental Health at our Addiction Rehab Centre in Melbourne, Australia.


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