Addiction is a way that we try to cope, to fill in a dark hole, when we feel like there is a piece of us missing. It seems like a never ending doing, chasing a roller coaster in an effort to feel a sense of numbness and release  - if only for a little while.


Loved ones, professionals and friends will say. You should just stop.


If only it was that easy. Whatever you have found that helps and relieves you ultimately has power over you until you know differently.

BUT we have been led to believe that treating symptoms are helping the problem or underlying cause (mostly by the medical industry unfortunately) which is not the case. Thankfully the public are getting smarter and questioning the medical and pharmaceutical industry.


How can we actually break free from an addiction? How can we break free from something that gives us some relief? The answer is to heal the underlying reason why we need to run away from our emotions and responsibilities.


Great concept yes, but how do we actually do that? Particularly with the skepticism that comes from the lack of results from mainstream therapists that just talk, re-traumatise and rehash past experiences and family issues etc. These ways only deal with your conscious mind (like when you tell your friend answers to their problems but they don’t seem to do it, like there is something stronger overpowering them). The answer is that it needs to be healed and released on a deeper level - the subconscious.


The subconscious mind has all of our memories recorded (including DNA memories from ancestry, parents and grandparents as well as all the memories from in the womb, all through childhood to now). We experience the reality that we are experiencing now, how we see ourselves and others and general life patterns and occurrences through the emotions and memories recorded there.


So how can we change the patterns in our life, the overwhelming emotions and outbursts or debilitating anxiety and heavy depression? We can’t go in a time machine and change what people did to us, our childhood or the way that our parents brought us up?


We are telling you now, it is never too late to have a good childhood!


How? We have a saying here, it’s not what happens in your life, its how you perceive it!

For example, let’s say that you go to a party with a friend. The place where it is being held is in a suburb where you have an ex, it was a really toxic relationship and you still hold trauma around that relationship and person. Just being in that suburb or area triggers a lot of negative emotions and flashbacks. Your friend who has taken you to this party has not had those same experiences. They seem to be really happy and have a great night chatting to everyone. You either drink or take something to dull the pain or you just sit in a corner somewhere as you feel really upset with all the memories which have popped up from your subconscious mind into your conscious mind which is affecting your present moment of reality and you are not enjoying the night in the same place with the same people that your friends are.


What if there was a way to go back to those memories? (as normally they are not easily accessible consciously). We need to go deeper into the subconscious, into the cellular memory and the holding pattern of emotions that are getting triggered (of which we are trying to escape from).

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