Let’s start with the definition;

Essentially, you could say that it is being an observer, a witness and awareness of your body, emotions and thoughts as a separate entity of oneself. While still recognising it as ‘self’ but acknowledging that it's a part of oneself and not the whole.


How can we experience this? How can we turn from a bundle of bones, emotions and blood into this ‘awareness’ that you have probably often heard about or noticed during your journey?


I wanted this to be more than just another article, I wanted to make it an experience and journey so that not only are you just taking in ‘info’ and words - but these words can be put into inspired action  and thus turn into wisdom which you can help yourself and others with in a tangible way.

Watch this video where I am going to take you through a process in which will allow you to experience these separate bodies of mind, soul and your physical;

Depending on where you are on your introspective journey, there can be a number of different experiences that you may have had during that exercise. You may have experienced a moment of nothing, no thoughts (which meditators can take many years to achieve) or, you may have received a message from your body or from your soul that previously hasn’t been able to get through due to all the noise in the mind.


What I want you to really think about now is, who was the one that was witnessing the thoughts? If you say that it was you - then what or who is your thoughts and mind if they weren’t the ones that were just witnessing?


This consciousness, this awareness is you. Your essence, your reason for being - for being a human-’being’. This physical body and all the joy and challenges in your life are being experienced in this emotional, somewhat heavy human form.


Knowing this, if you didn’t already, now leads us to the ‘Mirror Concept’ as we have termed it at our centre. Now that you know what mindfulness means and hopefully you have experienced it - how can we use this knowledge as an actionable tool?

How can we live and breath in a mindful way?

I want you to imagine a mirror, or if you are in front of a mirror this will be perfect.

I want you to imagine or look right into one of your eyes. How do you feel when you do this? What thoughts come up about your appearance, what feelings do those thoughts give you?


Scan your body. Those emotions that you are feeling, where are they most intense on your body? How strong would you say it is out of 10? Acknowledge the number, tune into it and go deeper into the feeling.


Focusing on the area and making the intention on going deeper into the feeling, ask that part of your body where you are feeling it the most intensely, ask it to talk to you. What does it want, what does it need? Close your eyes, take a deep breath and see what comes back.


It might be a word, it might be another emotion, it might be memory that you have been holding onto. For example a childhood memory of someone saying to you - you are not good enough.


Ok, now whether you got feedback or not, looking into yourself and acknowledging your deep feelings, emotions and thoughts are what mindfulness is. Being conscious of the now and how you are feeling in the moment. Being with the emotion and not abandoning it or yourself.


Ask yourself if you are ok, where it is coming from and what it needs to speak up about.


If we are not doing this consciously, then often our bodies will end up screaming out to us (because we have not been listening for way too long) which can manifest as pain, migraines, diseases, cancer and other ailments in our body and organs.

Let’s take a step further and take this awareness out to our relationships. If you believe that we are somehow all connected on a deeper level, that we are all seeking and essentially wanting the same core things, then this can be a powerful tool that you can use which takes mindfulness and our relationships to a whole new level.


The ‘Mirror Concept’ is based on the theory that we project our reality from our internal filter systems which hold all of our past memories, our language filter, our beliefs about the world and ourselves which essentially gives every single person a somewhat similar but in ways completely different experience of our reality.


This projection causes us to see the world internally, to make meaning of the world externally.


These filters cause interpretations and comparisons with ourselves and others (so we experience the sense of being separate to others in order to have different lives, experiences and growth paths).

This means, that when we look and interact with another person, everything that we think about that person is the result of looking/listening etc at them, making sense and making meaning to all the information that we are receiving, comparing it with ourselves to differentiate ourselves from them BUT within seconds we have sorted through our whole life experience up until that moment and because of the instinct for ‘survival’ as a separate yet accepted human (in the ancient parts of our brain from the early days of tribes etc) we could experience the following;


  • Thought - I don’t like this person and I don’t know why.
    Unconscious Process - This person looks like someone that really hurt me back in 2009 and I want to protect myself from being in that much pain again, so the brain releases cortisol into the body to remind the person of this initial fear and pain to bring up a negative emotion so as to alert the conscious mind not to be friends with this person.

  • Thought - I really like this person and I feel like I have known them for years!

Unconscious Process - This person dresses similar to me and I’ve always wanted to have my hair like that which is inspiring to me, so the mind releases oxytocin into the body to bring up a positive emotion which is a reflection of the love of yourself and that the connection with the person is a good idea to inspire growth and more love.

Have you ever experienced the above or variations of this? There are 4 points being made here;


  1. How the unconscious mind and our memory filing system works.

  2. How the mind and body connect.

  3. How we judge others based on reflections of ourselves/experiences and nothing more.

  4. Most importantly, how we can use the ‘mirror concept’ as a guidance AND healing tool.


What makes this next level is the healing tool. We can essentially grow consciously through our relationships with this awareness of our reflections in others.


This is what happens in every single interaction that we have with another person - so imagine how much you would grow and be grateful for if you had this level of awareness?


Every time we feel a negative emotional charge, we can own it, go into it, heal it and thus have full responsibility of our lives and potential for growth.


Instead of letting life happen to us, playing victim, judging others or inflicting pain on another - we could actually have full empathy, compassion and gratitude for every single relationship, every single moment easily and automatically.


We help clear up people's baggage 6 days a week and  love doing it - but the clause is that my clients must not create more in future by being totally aware and acknowledging their soul, essence and consciousness in every moment in this school we call earth.


“Always remember: I have sent you nothing but angels” - Neale Donald Walsch



It is my hope and life’s mission that this tool will become common knowledge in the human race in future. Even if it’s one person at a time.





Author:  Melissa Hiemann, Co-Founder and Therapist at The Melbourne Centre of Healing.

She, along with her partner Ryan Hassan, have created an innovative natural method of helping people get past their addictions and mental health issues effectively with lifetime positive results.

You can find out more by visiting http://www.themelbournecentreofhealing.com.au/ or connecting with them on social media here.


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