Try a few of these and see what feels right for your journey;


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Sleep - Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time everyday to keep a regular sleep cycle.

If you can turn lights off 1 hour before sleeping and leave a curtain slightly open to wake you up naturally in the morning with the sunlight (this allows the ‘wake up’ chemicals in our brain to be alerted - which makes for a fresh wake up and morning).

If you’re using electronics, turn them to Night Mode. Otherwise the blue light stops melatonin being released which will make going to sleep harder.


Morning Routine - It is best to jump out of bed when you first wake up, otherwise your brain will produce the chemical that makes you sleepy again which may make you groggy for the rest of the day.

Start self care first thing by giving yourself an hour or more before you need to be somewhere like work or dropping off the kids to allow for either meditation, a walk, reading.

Try putting your phone on Aeroplane mode overnight, then not turning it back on until after you’ve had some time for yourself in the morning. This way your day starts with self care and self love, as opposed to anxiety from stimulation.

Go into gratitude by thinking of 3 things that you’re grateful for each day.

Think of 3 amazing things you’ll do in the day, create a picture of joy.


Eating - Our cells are replaced constantly and are being built with what you are eating and drinking. To ensure that you are feeling hydrated, clear and energised it is best to drink and eat high vibrational and nutritionally dense food.

Eat as much fresh (alive) foods as possible so that you feel more alive. Before you eat something, think about if you left it on the bench for a short period of time would it rot? That’s how you know how alive it is, even bacteria won’t eat McDonalds because the food is so processed and dead (so you can leave it on the bench or find chips in your car months later and it still looks the same - yuck!).


Find the foods agree with your digestion the best, monitor how good or drained you feel after each meal and different types of food to see what is right for you. The 80/20 is a good place to start, 80% healthy and 20% whatever you like. A great way to do this is have fruit and frozen stuff for smoothies, greens powder and healthy protein like eggs to fill you up.


Mindfulness - This is what will help you to not create more baggage going forward.
Recognise and name your emotions, allow yourself to feel then release them (turn them up if you can) and then continue the conversation, argument or making the decision. Journaling helps this process.

Be curious about your thoughts but don’t believe them. The voice in our head is the accumulation of all we’ve learnt and the belief system we’ve made for ourselves. When you hear a voice judging you or a voice playing the victim then simply say “I don’t believe you.”

Because that voice isn’t you. It’s your ego trying to punish you for not being ‘perfect’.

Guess what? You are perfect :) Don’t abandon yourself or try and avoid feeling negative emotions, stay with yourself and know that it's a normal human thing. The less you resist it, the faster it will go away.


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Connecting/Grounding - Our bodies are more connected to the earth than we recognise, with being in cars, homes and pollution we have been disconnected from nature and beautiful scenery. Make time everyday to go in the sun, be in nature and feel grounded and peaceful again by doing so.

If you feel the pull then spend a few days in nature, ideally by yourself. The wisdom and clarity of mind you will achieve are immense.


Chemicals - Cleaning products, beauty products and even down to mainstream shampoo, conditioner and deodorant have a bombardment of chemicals which sink right into our biggest detoxing organ - our skin. Start being more conscious of using more natural products, such as using coconut oil for moisturiser, fluoride free toothpaste and natural essential oil cleaners to reduce cumulative negative effects when you’re older.



Social/Friends - A famous saying is that you are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. Even energetically and behaviourally we tend to do either harmful or helpful habits so we can ‘fit in’. Be around people that you want to be like, which can inspire and lift you and have healthy habits so you can start naturally upping your quality of life quite effortlessly (we like effortless).

Be open to meeting new people and having new experiences. Just by setting this intention people, circumstances and opportunities will come to you.


Thoughts/Journaling - Sometimes when we are overwhelmed with emotion and a million thoughts an hour it can really affect us in being able to be present and peaceful.

The best way to help you clear it out is to write it all down. This essentially gets it out of your head and onto paper so you can get a release and have an objective look at the issue/s which are arising at the time.


Relationships - Relationships are important parts of our lives. When they are healthy, balanced and loving it can really help us to live with more ease and joy in life.

Do not being afraid to communicate your needs and frustrations, letting go of blame and respecting each other are great ways to stop little issues blowing up and also it creates healthy boundaries and respect.


Family - We can’t choose our family, but they are usually the people that are always still around even when friendships and relationships change over time, there is a small or large thread of unconditional love or drama that is hard to escape.

Either way, we are best to let go of grudges, anger or hurt - mostly because forgiveness gives us the most release, energy and happiness.

Remember that everyone is doing the best they can with their current consciousness.

If someone could do better, they would. So love and respect your family members for who they are, not for who you want them to be.


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Coping - When an old behaviour or habit starts to come back, recognise it straight away as a coping mechanism. What is it that is making you not be peaceful, present and stressed that you need to cope from? Can you change the situation, has it been called to your attention to be changed? Is there a healthier way to manage the stress? Like a short walk, deep breathing or an enjoyable movie? Are you avoiding feeling an emotion or making a hard decision? Journalling, talking to someone about it or researching can be a great way - so as to not distract or abandon the feedback that your body and mind are giving you to alert you that you are off path or something needs to be changed.


Communication - Many people, through a build up of ego and trying to be someone that we aren't (being inauthentic to pretend our life is nothing but positive and amazing, which is not the point of life by the way) can get caught up in listening to answer or butt-in, rather than listening to really understand and care without judgement.


Have you ever had a conversation where you feel like the other person was not really listening and going on about themselves - you probably didn’t feel heard or valuable.

Now turn the table and try and talk less and listen more.


Non-attachment - Some people get attached to being comfortable, secure and having the same friends to show “loyalty” even if it’s hindering personal growth and ability to be successful.


This can block new experiences, happiness and space for amazing people to get to know in life. Start being open to letting go of your biggest attachments, this is where freedom and adventures lie and where you can really feel alive and enjoy your life.


Challenges - Challenges come up in our life for several reasons. One may be that we have created a certain desire and goal in our mind - which needs a more capable version of us and thus throws us a challenge in order to grow and be ready to handle what we have asked for. Another may be life patterns that keep repeating and are not serving us. The pattern seems to be getting worse and more challenging to wake us up to learn from it and rise above. Thirdly, we could be trying to be to comfortable and coast through life, but if we are here to experience and grow in this school of life then if we don’t choose our challenges, they choose us through natural law and ‘like’ or ‘opposite’ energy (situations, people, jobs etc) to wake us up.


Learning - I think because of the way the school system works, many of us do not enjoy learning. The reason for this may be because we were forced to learn things that we weren’t always interested in.

When you start learning something that you are interested in and can help improve you, your knowledge and impact in the world. Then this thirst can really help drive us in a more positive way and make the most of our time (so we are never bored). The benefits are life long and we gain more energy because our unconscious mind is like a sponge and loves learning - and is so connected to the body that it created an enjoyable flow state and undeniable energy that propels us to do better and be better everyday.


Watching/Listening - As you may have learnt in the program, your unconscious mind is constantly recording and learning from your experience. It also doesn’t know what is real or not. For example, when we watch the news we are getting funnelled the top 5% of the worst things that are happening in the world. The other 95% may not be so bad, but based on the news it can give us an unrealistic negative perception and feeling about the world in general. Be very mindful about what you watch, read and listen to.


If you want to be happier, watch more positive and happier content. Remember how much programming can affect you and base your time on productive and mood lifting information.


Presence - Sometimes we can find our mind wander to the past or wander to the future. That’s okay but if you find that a lot of your energy and time is spent either in the past or future, then we can tend to use up a lot of wasted energy in the process of doing so.
This takes away energy from now and being present, from really experiencing and having gratitude in the moment. The best way is to catch and be conscious when you find yourself getting stuck in a different space in your timeline, rather than now. Once you recognise it, start trying to reconcile and understand why you are there, get the learning and the reason then make a conscious decision to come back to now.


Judging - We naturally judge, as we are (our souls) the same essence wanting to have different perspectives and experiences - we automatically look at what is different and what similarities we have with other humans around us. Sometimes though, if couples with trauma, strong emotion or a feeling of being too good or not good enough towards ourselves or others that we are judging - can become quite toxic and not helpful.

The best way to balance this out is to be okay with your imperfections (and others) as that is what makes us all unique. Use it as a learning experience of what traits we are expressing or repressing which allows us to create how we want to show up in the world.

People are generally their own worst critics, so make sure to have empathy for others.

You know how much has happened in your life so be aware of how much you know or don’t know what this person has gone through.


Decision -  Your life has been created by all of your decisions and choices (both conscious and unconscious) and will continue to be so moving forward.


When you make a strong decision, your mind and body go to work on making it happen with action. You might have thoughts that want to block you and sabotage you but keep remembering the strong positive decisions and you will feel more empowered and in charge of your life.


Disclaimer: The following are suggestions only and is not medical advice. Please do your due diligence and research what would be best to suit you and your circumstances.

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