Here is a list of books which we love ourselves and that we always encourage our clients to read - as they are easy reads which are packed full of life changing wisdom!



1. The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements is an amazing book which we will often give our clients. It gives you a simple read with profound insights about how we think about ourselves and others in our life - along with sound advice on how to be a kind human.


  2 . Writings Collection

The Melbourne Centre of Healing: Writings Collection
By Chanel de King, Ryan Hassan, Melissa Hiemann

We of course have to include our own book! Edition One is filled with our articles and blogs, which can be a life changing coffee table book or a great gift of wisdom for any loved one who is dealing with an addiction or mental health issue.


3. The Mastery of Love

Another great one from Don here. We thought we knew a lot about relationships and how we see and deal with them in our own lives - until we read this book. A complete game changer for relationships and the subject of love!


4. Chasing the Scream

An interesting insight into the world of drugs and opinions about the current 'war on drugs' from different perspectives. It is certainly an eye opening way to understand this way of life.


5. Letting Go

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender
By David R. Hawkins M.D. Ph.D.

Have you tried everything and you are still struggling to let go of certain things in your life? This is the perfect book. David's style is very comprehensive yet eye opening with steps to take to start letting go in your life.



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