Why you didn't achieve your goals this year.

If you have clicked on this article, then it may resonate with you… and don’t worry - you are definitely not alone when it comes to this topic.

At the start of a new year, we take the time to look back on our previous year and announce to ourselves and/or others as to what we are going to achieve in the new year.

But alas, a few months go by and we fall back into our same habits.

Why do we do this, and what is the secret of people who actually achieve the goals that they set out to do?

Before we can give you the secret, you need to understand why we don’t on a mind level.

Our mind has 2 parts to it. The conscious mind and the unconscious mind.

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Our conscious mind is what we experience through our senses. So you reading this right now, now experiencing you feeling your feet on the floor or chair and and now notice any sounds that you can hear around you. It is only small percentage of our experience and doesn’t hold too much power when it comes to motivation and sticking to something.

On the other hand, your unconscious mind is the automatic part of you. It is like a super computer which runs your body, it pumps blood, breathes for you (so you don’t have to consciously tell your body “now breathe, now breathe”). It also holds and stores all of your memories in time and date order. These memories serve (and has served humanity and our species) by assisting us to survive. Our ancestors may of gotten bitten, died or perhaps fallen ill from a spider or snake bite - and now we are all innately scared of either or both.

Understanding that our unconscious mind is always recording and looking for danger will potentially now give an uh huh moment - where you realise (maybe less frustratingly) that because of past embarrassments, hurt or fear of failure that it actually automatically stops us from living up to our full potential in the now.

Say for example, we know deep down that we could be a great speaker or presenter to share our ideas and life stories to be able to motivate and inspire others.

The only issue is that, a part of our unconscious mind has a memory that this is not safe. We may not even consciously remember why, but perhaps when we were in primary or high school - we were asked to do a presentation. We tried our best but got laughed at and felt completely embarrassed! This strong emotion, especially at a time where we can be sensitive to wanting to be accepted by others - forged a strong memory, which has now manifested into a resistance and deep fear where we will sabotage our goal and avoid having to do that - even if we know doing it will lead us to completing our dreams and goals.


The secret to actually achieving.

Is to work on the level of the unconscious, to dive into the past and heal these traumas and memories which are potentially holding you back now in one or many areas of your life.

The exciting thing is that once you heal these, because we are working on the level which created our automatic behaviours and thoughts, these changes are automatic!

This can be done by meditation, hypnosis and other healing therapies which work on a deeper levels (deeper than just talking) and actually resolving or issues and understanding more deeply why we do what we do.

If you are interested on working on a deeper level and find out what is holding you back in your life, contact us for a Free Initial Consultation to experience our unique program and method.


Written by: Melissa Hiemann, Therapist and Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing