When someone hears of someone who is depressed, or is diagnosed themselves - it can feel like that its not just how they are now, it is how they will always be.

The fact is, experiencing depression is feedback from our body that it cannot take the build up of sadness, hurt or shame anymore. This can result in lethargy, a lot of sleeping and a general pessimistic or victim-hood view of life.

Working successfully with hundreds of patients and having experienced anxiety and depression myself, I know that it is something that does not have to become a part of your identity if you choose to work on it.

Here is an excerpt for my upcoming book “The Natural High” which will be available is 2020 (pre order your copy here);

“Personally, when I was going through a very hard time, the home that I had worked for and the relationship that I had - both crumbled. Externally I looked like I was doing very well, a sports car, executive job, house by the beach. The truth is it felt like my body and soul were dying.

I was anxious and couldn’t wait for my next glass of wine or cigarette. The day that I moved on my own into my 1 bedroom rented apartment, I looked out of the window at the ocean and felt so depressed - I knew that wasn’t right!  I also realised that these external things weren’t working and that I could not escape myself anymore. This was the life changing day that I gave up trying to fight, fought my ego and sought help. I finally got honest with myself - I had woken up at my rock bottom of depression.

Interestingly, I later realised that I had created this whole mess pretty much by myself, just involving and blaming others along the way. I was still in deep pain, complete agony and heartbroken. I still wanted to be the victim - being the victim seemed easier, it made me feel like the right person and them, in the wrong. I waited for an apology so I could heal, I waited for someone else to make it right. It was initially hard to own up to, but to really heal and be back in control of my life - I had to take full responsibility for what had happened up until that point in order to change.

With the assistance of a therapist, who later became my trainer, we delved into my subconscious where all of my life experiences from childhood had been held and discovered defining moments that created my thoughts and behaviours which led me to where I was in my life at that point in time. Most of those beliefs that I made about myself and the world were feeling like I wasn’t good enough, deciding that I didn’t love myself and was desperately clinging onto others to fill that gap, with a fake smile on my face. Not only that, I was still being affected by people that I was holding anger towards and hadn’t forgiven from many years ago.

No wonder why I was procrastinating on my inner desires, and why we all do to a degree! My inner self talk and heavy emotions that I had accumulated over the last 26 years (at the time) had taken over me and my dreams.

Once I cleared up those issues, I studied how to become a therapist and healer - started getting clients and literally quit my job a few weeks later.

I was high on life, as I was finally answering to my souls dreams and felt higher than any drugs had ever taken me before! I took what I learned and continued to study human behaviour, psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, energy healing and relentlessly kept working on myself so that I could assist others and train more people to be able to release as many people as possible so they can feel the natural high too before life experiences weight them down.

I no longer needed to motivate myself - I was buzzing."


Pre-order my upcoming book “The Natural High” which will be available is 2018.

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Melissa Hiemann

Written by: Melissa Hiemann, Therapist and Co-Founder of The Melbourne Centre of Healing. Treating Mental Health and Addictions in Melbourne.


Written by: Melissa Hiemann, Therapist and Co-Founder of The Melbourne Centre of Healing. Treating Mental Health and Addictions in Melbourne.

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