Anxiety is a crippling feeling which can really affect your quality of life, including social life, physical health which can block you from living to your fullest potential.


The normal route that some people take is to go and see their doctor and get a prescription. We don’t discount these methods, but we are all becoming more informed and waking up to the fact that it is a band-aid for an underlying issue and focused on consciously wanting a more natural approach.


Here are a list of ways that we help our clients manage their anxiety in between sessions;



With our stressful lifestyle and perhaps a need to look thin, we suck our tummies in and breath quite shallow (only using the top of our lungs). This tricks the body into thinking that it's in a stressful situation (even when we are not) and can feed the cycle of anxiety.

To combat this, practice breathing slowly into the lower diaphragm (put a finger on your belly and push it out when inhaling). This will retrain your body into using all of your lung capacity with the side benefit of totally relaxing your body.

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With all of the processed foods that we eat, the degeneration of the minerals in our soils from over farming and lack of wholefoods can mean that our gut bacteria and bodies are not absorbing the right nutrients. If our cells are stressed it can impact our heart and mind, so it’s important to get proper nutritional advice. We offer nutritional testing and supplements in our programs.



Are you relaxed in your relationship or are you walking on eggshells? This could be at home or at work. An accumulation of not feeling safe, being judged constantly or getting in trouble for little things can cause post traumatic stress disorder (which can be healed, check out our programs here). Over time we can become nervous and scared of other people and/or being alone.


It’s hard in the short term, but creating strong boundaries, standing up for yourself and releasing toxic relationships or leaving toxic environments will be the best thing that you can do for yourself. Make sure you heal any childhood trauma and fear so you don’t keep attracting the same people and situations over and over (click here to book a free consultation).

We just want to add the fact that anxiety is a normal human emotion, there is nothing wrong with it. It only becomes an issue when we have bottled it up, or suffer from PTSD and time and time again we experience it more than normal to the point of which it affects our ability to have a normal life. The hardest part is having anxiety and not knowing why.

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Almost everyone overthinks. The problem is when there is a lot of anxiety and fear around our thoughts, then they can get blown out of proportion.


There are a few ways to slow your thoughts down so you can feel more peaceful and present. First, notice whether you are getting stuck more in the past with your thoughts, or thinking the worst case scenario’s in the future? Once you realise this, you can get an indication  of how much time you do or don’t spend in the present moment (which should feel peaceful and blissful when you are).


Meditation can help, but it's hard to do anything - let alone meditate when you are feeling anxious! Below is a trick that you can use when you find yourself overthinking or cannot sleep.



They are just a few ways to help you manage your anxiety naturally.

If you would like to find out how to get to the root cause of your anxiety and get rid of it for good, you can find out more about our Mental Health Program by booking in your Free Initial Consultation.

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