If you were drawn to read this then you or a loved one may be going through intense suffering.  

We all face times of sadness, hurt, guilt, fear and other ‘negative emotions’ at some point throughout our lives. For some of us those emotions pass quickly and occur infrequently whilst for others it may feel as though it’s a never ending cycle that they cannot break free from.

So why do some of us feel more pain than others, more frequently than others?
And how can we break free from it?

The answer is actually quite simple but as humans we tend to complicate things.
Let’s start by looking further into where suffering comes from.

One suffers when they add a painful meaning to an experience, therefore it is about perception. Now I’m not saying we have total control over every situation that occurs in our life but we do have control over how we perceive it. If we choose to perceive something as bad then we will in turn begin to feel bad, we then feel bad about feeling bad and so the cycle begins.

Why does pain have to be bad? What if pain was a good thing? What if it led you to become a better, stronger version of yourself?

We go through life trying to gain pleasure and avoid pain but what if we sat with pain and listened to it? What if we treated pain like a teacher?

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Pay Attention Integrate Now

Next time you are experiencing pain, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental or spiritual sit with it and listen to what it is trying to tell you. The longer you avoid it, the stronger it will become and will eventually turn into intense suffering to the point where you have no other option than to deal with it.

For example. If you are working long, endless hours and not giving your body the love it needs with nourishing food, adequate sleep, etc eventually your body will burn out and you you will get sick. Now from here you can listen to your body, give it the love it needs and make a conscious effort to create more work/life balance when returning to work. Alternatively you can ignore it, continue to work long, endless hours and eventually end up at the hospital with something more serious and so the cycle goes until you are at a point of intense suffering.

This goes for every aspect of your life, especially your emotions. The more we try to suppress our emotions rather than address them the more intense they become.

I know it’s allot easier to say this than to actually do it. Trust me, I was in a relationship for allot longer than I should have been because it was easier for me to ignore the signs rather than listen. I was comfortable and I didn’t want to deal with the process of moving forward. Eventually those signs became intense suffering of anxiety and depression. I felt trapped, hopeless, like things were never going to get better. But then I began to listen.

We’ve all been there and I know it can get to a point where you too feel hopeless but I promise you, if you listen to your pain, like really listen, then slowly you can begin to heal yourself.


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Chanel De King, Therapist at The Centre for Healing
Specialists in Addiction Recovery (including Ice Addiction) and Mental Health at our Addiction Rehab Centre in Melbourne, Australia.


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