This is a battle many females and males experience as adolescents and becomes more severe moving into young adulthood.

It stems from that nasty voice inside your head that tells you;

‘You’re not skinny enough’

‘You’re not curvy enough’

‘You’re not pretty enough’

‘You’re not good enough’

Ok, you get the point, that list goes on!


Then there’s the cycle that follows;

Start a diet - break the diet - feel guilty for breaking the diet - binge eat - feel ashamed for binge eating - then that nasty voice comes back telling you ‘you’re not good enough’

Did you know, according to The National Eating Disorders Collaboration;

  • 70% of Australian adolescent females have body image dissatisfaction

  • Obesity in adolescents has increased by 75% in the past three decades

  • Research into Binge Eating Disorder has identified that this disorder is more common than Anorexia or Bulimia and is at least as chronic and stable as these disorders

It certainly doesn’t help that we live in a society where the people we are influenced to follow and look up to are not even living with their own true physical body and appearance but one that isn’t even achievable for most - one that only money can buy!

I am seeing a lot of woman recently, specifically on Instagram, beginning to open up and be vulnerable exposing their own battles with anxiety, body image, etc and the #selflove hashtag being used more and more frequently which I am all about.

The awareness is expanding which is fantastic. But awareness isn’t enough.

Uploading a photo with a caption explaining you’re learning to love yourself is all good and well but how many times and on how many angles was that photo taken until it became ‘good enough’? And how many other woman are you following on Instagram wishing you were like them?

It’s time to take this body image battle to the next level! It’s time to kick it in the butt, right out the front door and lock that door for good!

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So like the rest of us, you’ve tried the diets, you’ve tried the gym membership, hell you’ve even hired a personal trainer. It may have been a long time ago but you at least tried one of these at some point.

Let’s shift the focus for a minute. Rather than focusing on what we’re eating and how often we’re exercising why not try focusing on WHY?

Why do I think I’m not good enough?

Why am I eating more donuts than my stomach can handle right now?

Why do I not have the energy to go for a walk?

The key here is to find the underlying root cause of the actual problem.

For example.

  • Often excess weight is the outcome of not expressing your emotions or covering/protecting yourself due to inner guilt or shame.

  • Often emotional binge eating is also a protection mechanism, one that makes you feel cared for or taken care of which may be something you lacked as a young child.

  • Often body image dissatisfaction is the outcome of the excess weight, binge eating or that nasty voice in your head with the belief you’re not pretty enough.

Starting to see the theme here?

Our emotions and our beliefs basically rule our life. They are ultimately the WHY behind what we do and don’t do.

So to end this Body Image Battle we must work with our emotions and limiting beliefs and heal the pain at this end.


Just because you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. The curtain just hasn’t been unveiled on your side yet.


If you or someone you know would like help getting to the root cause of their battle with body image and/or emotional binge eating you can find out more about our programs by booking in your Free Initial Consultation.

Chanel De King, Therapist at The Centre for Healing
Specialists in Addiction Recovery (including Ice Addiction) and Mental Health at our Addiction Rehab Centre in Melbourne, Australia.


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