For most of us, the end of June means getting our tax back and spending it on a wardrobe update at the end of financial year sales. Or is that just me?

Ok, maybe for you it’s been new furniture. New car parts. An entire new car if you’re really feeling like spending big.


For businesses there’s allot more to it. It’s a busy time of year requiring stock-taking or ‘inventory checking’ to verify the quantities and condition of items held in their inventory which provides them with a clear update on the business’ current position.

They then hold a stock-take sale with reduced prices to sell off stock from previous seasons, making the task of stock-taking easier.


So basically for all involved, the end of June means out with the old and in with the new!


And doesn’t it feel good to freshen up your life with these new upgrades?

There’s something missing in this picture though. Something rather important. Something we tend to overlook.


We focus all of our energy at this time on upgrading the external stuff. But what about the internal stuff?


That new wardrobe, new furniture, new car.. It all freshens up your life for a beautiful short moment.. But when that moment passes.. How do you really feel?

Deep down inside, beyond all the surface stuff, how do you really feel about your life? And most importantly how do you really feel about YOU?


If you were a business, how would you be tracking?


I’m going to change the way I approach the end of June and if just 1 other person that reads this does too.. My time was well spent.

I’m going to keep the approach ‘out with the old and in with the new’ and I’m going to use it to ‘inventory check’ myself!

I’m going to look at where I may be holding onto emotional baggage that I no longer need and I’m going to replace it.

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As a Therapist this is something I help my clients do on a daily basis and can say I’m fairly good at keeping myself in check, however I know how easy it can be to get caught up with the external stuff.

What are you holding onto that no longer serves you?

  • Anger that someone you thought you trusted said something behind your back

  • Sadness because you still haven’t spoken to your mum since that fight last year

  • Hurt that your ex has moved on

  • Fear that your new partner will also move on one day

  • Guilt for not having the perfect figure


It is so easy to suppress our emotions and keep them bottled inside rather than address them but just like your closet, one day it’s going to get full and you will need to clean it out.


  • Try replacing that sadness with reaching out to your parent and understanding what was going on for him/her to have reacted that way.

  • Try replacing that hurt with understanding that you and your ex both moved on because your journey together was over and everyone deserves happiness.

  • Try replacing that guilt by acknowledging the things you love about your body and setting small, achievable goals toward that figure you want


The end of financial year emotional clear out might just be the best one you’ve attended!


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Chanel De King, Therapist at The Melbourne Centre of Healing
Specialists in Addiction Recovery (including Ice Addiction) and Mental Health at our Addiction Rehab Centre in Melbourne, Australia.

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