Indicators that you are and how you can resolve it

Do you find yourself to be mentally, and even emotionally drained?
Do you often get stressed, anxious, overthink and then feel burned out?
You are definitely not alone.

In this information age where we are getting bombarded by so many messages, emails, advertisements and societal pressures of how our lives should be. Not only that, we have a huge list of things that we need to do - work, family, health, food and the list goes on.

There are a few really strong indicators that you are mentally drained;

  • You find that you have a bad memory (or others bring to your awareness that you have a bad memory/ retaining tasks and information)

  • You get overwhelmed easily when you have to learn or do something new

  • You have a short temper when someone asks you to do something

  • You find excuses to get out of important dates and social events

  • You find the sedation of alcohol and other depressants relieving

  • Excessive emotional eating

  • On-going stress and shallow breathing

  • Lack of patience

  • Lack of motivation

  • Inability to be resourceful

  • Changed sleep patterns

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Here is some information that we generally pass onto our clients to be able to understand how their minds and bodies work to assist in remedying the above issues;

Think of your mind like a battery.

When your mind often wanders overly into the events of the past or overly into the future - this takes away vital energy and attention which can be used in the now.

When your mind is not in the now and fully present, you cannot accurately record important information and the totality of the experience.

When you spread your energy out like this, it can not only emotionally and mentally be taxing but it can also be physically taxing on your body - as your body doesn’t know whether something is happening in the present moment, or you’re just thinking about a past or future event which has an emotion attached to it.

This can cause your body to go into a stress response now (even if you are safe in the present moment) because you are thinking about something hurtful or scary from the past or projecting a worst case scenario based in the future which can feel threatening.

The stress hormones which are released cause your attention to go away from the now (hence the lack of being able to remember/recall what you are meant to be doing in the moment for later recall) and the explosion of overthinking and thoughts ensues.

So, in summary, what can you do to remedy being mentally drained?

  • It is likely if you are mentally drained that you will be physically drained as well. Get extra rest, including naps and down time. Always listen to your body.

  • When you are listening to someone, practice being present. Allow your mind to wander, but catch it (I like to use the analogy of using a fishing line to catch your mind and reel it back into the now).

  • Don’t try and remember your ‘to do’ list in your head. Write lists in your phone, calendar or a simple notebook.

  • If you have over committed yourself, sit down and write down or journal or discuss with someone that you trust in ways that you can simplify your schedule and declutter around you.

  • Lastly, don’t wear ‘busy’ like a badge of honour that you are doing well in life. We should aim to be peaceful and fulfilled - not stressed to our eyeballs as a life goal.

Your mental energy is precious so be protective of it! Also the people around you will really feel heard. If you keep up the practice of being present, life will be less frustrating and overwhelming when your memory improves by practicing the above.

If you need further assistance with your mental health, please get in touch and let us know how we can help you by booking in a Free Initial Consultation.

Written by Melissa Hiemann

- Director of The Centre for Healing, specialising in innovative program to assist people with addictions and mental health.