I am going to start this blog with a very important question - If tonight when you go to bed something magical were to happen and when you wake up tomorrow morning your life is exactly how your true, authentic self wants it to be, what would be different.......................

I want you to be real with yourself here. Think BIG. No limitations!

Would you be in the same job? Same relationship? Same house in the same community?

The real question here is; 
Are you fuelling your soul or your ego?

And what I mean when I say this, is are you creating a life based on the true wants and needs of your authentic self? Or when you look back at decisions you have made, which have created the life you live today, realised they were based on fear?

Fear of being judged, Fear of being rejected, Fear of failing, Fear of not being good enough.

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I know I have definitely made decisions based on all four of these at some point in my life.

And if in this moment, you are trying to convince yourself that you are completely fulfilled, I want you to dig deeper! Because there is a reason the convincing is needed.


The next thing I feel is important to mention is that manifesting isn’t a magic power that only some of us can access. That’s right, not only do we ALL have the ability to manifest but we are actually doing it every moment of every day because it is our internal thoughts that create our reality.


What we think internally manifests externally.


So the only difference between those who have been able to manifest the life of their dreams and those who haven’t, is their ability to manifest with INTENTION and clear their blockages to those intentions.

Let’s break this down. What we know so far is that we need to take the time to actually figure out who we truly are and what we truly want so that we can make sure we are setting intentions or goals that align with us.


Tip: Think about the things that were important to you when you were a child. Before fear came into the picture.


We also know that what we think to ourselves internally plays a big role in what we create as does fear. So it’s important to find and release any blockages that may not only be preventing you from achieving this but actually manifesting people and circumstances that you don’t want.


This is easier said than done, I know!


Another term for these blockages is limiting beliefs.

Before we continue, it would be beneficial for you to have a deeper understanding about limiting beliefs - how they are created and how they impact our life so I recommend reading another one of my blogs 5 Beliefs You'll Be Surprised You Have


Lastly, it is important to understand that manifesting is not about setting an intention and expecting the universe to do the work for you. It is about you and the universe working together! So I suggest breaking your goals down into smaller, achievable actions that you can take each week to work toward what you are hoping to achieve.

But I want you to know, the universe can work in mysterious ways. So sometimes you may be sent people and opportunities that may not be what you think you want but are exactly what you need!

So to summarise. Here are the steps required in achieving the life of your dreams


1. Be real with yourself. Look at the areas in your life that you are not completely fulfilled with and think about how you may have created it. Was fear involved?

2. Figure out what is truly important to you and set intentions or goals toward those things.

3. Ask yourself why you haven’t been able to achieve these before? Are there any limiting beliefs getting in your way?

4. Work towards clearing your limiting beliefs. This is most effective if you seek assistance by a professional who works with the subconscious mind.

5. Break your goals down into small, achievable actions you can take each week because manifesting is about YOU and the UNIVERSE working together

If you would like to understand more about how you can overcome your limiting beliefs and create the life of your dreams you can find out more about our programs by booking in a Free Initial Consultation.  

Written by: Chanel de King, Healer and Therapist at The Melbourne Centre of Healing.
Specialising in Addiction Rehabilitation and Mental Health Programs in Melbourne.