In our hectic and busy lifestyles that most of us currently experience in our western society, with family, work and other pressures and responsibilities - it can be easy to lose a sense of who we are and take some time for ourselves undistracted.

When we look at statistics on high blood pressure, anxiety and other symptoms of this lifestyle - we can see that it easily is one of the main root causes of a lot of government funded medical treatment, prescription drugs and a cost on society in general.

Often when we ask our clients to create some space in their day to have quiet time, we are often met with a lot of reasons why they cannot.

The kids, the business, the cleaning and the list goes on.

Then people wonder why they burn out, why they become sick, why they end up with medical issues.

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I always say, if you don’t listen to your mind and body and let it rest when it needs to, then it will decide when you stop - which won’t be chosen and possibly more inconvenient and disruptive to your life and those that rely on you.

“We are human beings, not human doings”

Instead of focusing on trying to do things to help keep your life balance in check, like trying meditation, or trying yoga etc, a better and less confronting way is to introduce more quiet time into your life.

Some examples (baby steps!) to introduce this concept and practice in your life;

1. Turning the radio off sometimes when you drive.

2. Turn the TV off sometimes at home so there is no background noise.

3. Walk to a local park, or even just walk outside your house and look at the details of the plants and trees.

4. Sitting on your bed or sofa and just being aware and listening to your thoughts.

These are just a few small examples, but the positive impact that it can make on your mental health and wellbeing significantly outweighs those things that you are stressing to be doing constantly.

If you find it very hard to be alone with yourself in quiet time - it may be because you have some harsh inner self talk, negative flashbacks from the past or emotions that you don’t want to feel.

If this is the case then the awareness itself is the first step to healing. Once you recognise that your relationship with your own self and mind isn’t peaceful, then you can start to work on and work through these issues - so that you can have a more peaceful and happy life.

“Other people come and go, but you will always be in a relationship with yourself”

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Written by Melissa Hiemann, Co-Founder and Therapist at The Centre for Healing.