Root-Cause Therapy is a powerful style of therapy which assists people in getting to the root-cause of their current presenting mental health issues. 

Negative self talk, unhelpful habits and behaviours or perhaps PTSD and procrastination from low self belief because of painful events in the past? 

It’s time to not only talk about the issues - but to start to heal them on a deeper level where real long term change is possible. 

The power of this method lies in the way that it works on all levels of our mind. The conscious mind, so you reading this now and the unconscious mind - where our automatic learnt behaviors reside.

Unlike hypnosis, which can create a fear of lack of control and unlike talk therapy which leaves you feeling worse - this type of healing creates a space for you to unravel why you do, think or feel the way you do - and discover and shift any unwanted patterns consciously, with you in the driving seat along with the knowledge and guidance of your therapist.

Not only are we working on the Root-Cause of issues, in each session we use what is called a ‘Testing Sheet’. This allows us to closely monitor subtle shifts and changes - to give you tangible data, and your qualified therapist pinpointed priorities in each session based on your goals. 

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Please watch the video below on how a session runs with this therapy;

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