Benefits of Online Therapy

Is seeking assistance with your mental health, wellness or addiction something you have considered? Maybe you have spent some time looking into your options but haven’t quite found what feels right for you. One of the options that has become quite popular and in demand is Online Therapy. 

There are benefits to all types of therapy - group therapy, one on one, online, etc but choosing what works for you comes down to your own personal circumstances. 

Below are a list of benefits of Online Therapy.


Completing your therapy sessions online allows you the convenience of being in the comfort of your own home saving both time and money on driving to and from the Therapist’s office. This is particularly beneficial if you do not own a car or have your licence. It also makes getting help more accessible for people who work a lot of hours knowing they can fit in a session during their lunch break!

Worldwide Access 

Online Therapy means you have more access to a variety of amazing Therapists so you can find one that you really connect with. It also allows more people to access different types of Therapy that may not necessarily be available within their local area. On top of that, there is also the benefit of knowing you can go on a holiday and still be able to complete your sessions without missing out. All you need is a laptop and internet access!


One of the reasons that many people do not seek help is they find there is a stigma associated around working on their mental health or professional growth. Working online means you don’t have to be seen going in and out of a professional’s office and this can be crucial for someone who lives in a small town where everyone knows each other.

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Many of us seem to have limited time when we are available to meet, or we prefer certain times of the day for sessions. Online Therapy gives you the ability to be able to schedule appointments at odd hours that work for you where a local professional may not be available.

If you have any questions about the programs we offer here at The Centre For Healing, both in person and online then feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.