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Reviews and Testimonials



We get blown away by the positive feedback that we receive on a day to day basis at our centre.

online therapy

I can't say enough about these guys. But I'll keep it short best I can. I live in America.
Before working with Ryan via Skype...
I spent two separate stays in a 6 month recovery home, went through the 12 steps twice. Did outpatient treatment 2 different times. Once with Practical Recovery in California which was run by one of the founders of SMART Recovery. Spent countless hours with trained psychologists. Tried healing through Jesus Christ and religion /spirituality. 
And yet, while I benefited from all these, all giving me insights and tools on how to live my life better, some even made me aware of my root pain but NONE healed me.

I stumbled across the Centre 3 years ago on YouTube while desperately trying to find out more about my addiction or I was ready to end my life. I messaged Ryan and was humbled and surprised he responded.

We corresponded for about 2 years and then again to my surprise he was willing to do some sessions over the internet.

To this day I attribute the healing of my root pain that lead to my addiction and my ability to step into my authentic self and ability to trust life and not need to escape via drugs to the work I've done with him.

I look forward to meeting in person someday and sending my wife to Australia for a session or two so she can heal her unresolved trauma and so I can do a session in person.

I love you guys, sincerely, thanks for helping me find me. 
Matthew 💜💜💜

depression treatment melbourne

rick, 39 years old, victoria

It's quite hard to believe that only a mere eight weeks prior to beginning my course at the Melbourne centre of healing that all I could associate myself with was bad moods, constant anxiety, and extremely depressed emotions. Upon meeting with Ryan the first time I couldn't believe how he was so easily content and happy. The feeling and notion of doing so had become so foreign to me. 

For years on end I would find myself slipping in and out of anxiety and depression, yet at the same time, never feeling a sense of fulfillment in life, either. I was, for the lack of a better phrase, 'emotionally numb'. Over and over I'd seek some kind of help with psychologists, using anti-depressants and even delved into other types of self-help to no avail. I'd always end up back at square one, regardless of the result I attained. A good six long years of failure had gotten me nowhere, nor was I really convinced anything would.

So, what did I have to lose? I thought I might as well throw everything at it that I can, and I knew that nothing I’d tried up until this point was quite as deep as what was on offer with the program. So, I decided to undertake the course with Mel as my consultant, chosen by Ryan after the initial consultation as the best option for me. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if it would even help at all. The only thing I could do is try and be open to it. Needless to say, a few weeks into the program and already some massive shifts were taking place! I’d gone from constantly grouchy, depressed and anxious to riding a neutral wave of general wellbeing. I would have thought that by the end of the entire thing, I would be at this point at best, but it honestly exceeded my expectations greatly. The difference between TMCH and other treatment options is that this goes to the root cause of the issue, rather than just putting a band-aid measure over it like other things do.

After the first month I found myself feeling better and better. I also noticed that bad things weren’t constantly being attracted to me as much. Prior to the course I was a magnet for bad luck and generally terrible situations. All of a sudden these things started to shift fast and I was realising all the benefits from actually dealing with my limiting beliefs, owning my faults, as well as being kind enough to myself to admit while I am a human and flawed, nobody is perfect and that’s OK, too. You see, at TMCH the service is totally free of judgment and isn’t designed to make you feel awful. It’s to awaken you to new things and become mindful of yourself, all the while teaching you to love yourself unconditionally.

I will say this, though – this program is not for the feint of heart. It’s tough going and can be extremely difficult in some areas. But that only makes you stronger in the end of it. My best advice to anybody considering doing this is to be open, vulnerable, ready to soak up everything it has to offer and just go in prepared to allow yourself to heal. As weird as certain things seem, they work. I don’t know how and may never know, but just trust in the process and it will free you indefinitely. For not only have I benefitted from doing it, but those around me, also have. My friends going through similar struggles have learned from me, my family has been rewarded with a better husband, father, son and brother. Above all things, I, myself have been rewarded with lasting happiness without attachment or reason. The vibrational shift wasn’t easy for me and it’s not meant to be. But all I needed to do was commit myself to the learnings, open my mind to forgiveness of myself and let it eventually remove the pain and sadness of the past.



"I had anxiety and depression since high school and it was a daily struggle. When I first came to see Mel I had severe anxiety and postpartum depression.
I tried a couple of psychologists and didn't feel comfortable.
Working with Melissa has been great! She helped me open up. I've also gained control of the anxiety and how to deal with it in a better way and it will benefit my son as well when he grows up on how to handle situations with him in a healthy way. 
Now, not only has the anxiety and depression all gone down, stress levels have gone down and I am only half way through the program!  I have such a better outlook on life, my goals and a better bond with my son and I just feel so much happier.
My biggest breakthrough from doing the program is knowing that's its ok to be sad and cry, it's ok to feel emotions and deal with them in a healthy way. It's taught me to heal my emotions instead of bottling them up.
If anyone else is thinking about getting help - then just do it! I look forward to every session with Mel. If you are thinking about getting help, TMCH are not clinical but really natural, just do it!"

ice rehab australia

Josh vanderbeek, victoria 

"It's hard to believe that it's been just twelve short weeks since I walked into the Melbourne centre of healing after seeing what it was all  about in the herald sun. 

I was nervous, I wasn't quite sure what to expect and I didn't know exactly what I wanted to gain from the centre.

But as soon as I met Ryan Hassan we clicked and I felt comfortable and it become clear we would form a friendship. You taught me to look at life differently. You taught me that life doesn't have to be hard. You taught me how to deal with my emotions and helped me change a lot of limiting-beliefs that I had formed over the years about myself. You taught me finally what it feels like to experience inner peace. 

What I'm trying to say is that it's been a pleasure meeting you. The last 12 weeks has been such a good eye opener. I can't thank you enough. You didn't just change my life you saved it. "



"Some of my main challenges until meeting Ryan was not having a very good sleeping routine and it was really hard to find work not having any motivation or confidence.
Some of the things that I tried before was seeing a psychologist, which I didn't think worked for me very well because it was just talking about my past experiences.
Seeing a psychiatrist just ended up with them prescribing me anti-depressants - thinking that I was just sad.
I found that none of these paths helped me find the direction that I needed.
This program with Ryan differs in a way that instead of talking about my past experiences and past events and repeating them so much that it just suppresses what had ever happened in my past. Instead, we get to the root cause, going back into the past events and going into why I had negative emotions attached to those events and healing them - dealing with them in a way that helped me move forward and not have to suffer those negative emotions again. I found this really really inspiring and it uplifted my energy and self esteem.
I feel like since seeing Ryan that I am in such a better position and have such a better outlook on life from where I was before I met Ryan.
I kept seeing him for a drug addiction that I thought that I could control or have control over but eventually came to realise that I had no control over it.
After seeing Ryan, I have more strength in the choices I make and my motivation is to keep reaching new goals."

free ice rehab melbourne

Cameron watson, victoria

" When I first made contact with The Melbourne Centre Of Healing, I was a drug addict and suffered from mental illness for quiet some time.

By the time I decided to seek help from Mel and Ryan, I was at the height of my addiction.... I was smoking close to 2 grams of ice a week, I was regularly taking GHB, smoking weed, snorting coke, popping pills and abusing prescription medication.

For the past ten years I had struggled with drugs being at the forefront of my life and used them as an excuse as self medication of my mental health issues.

My drug use had caused a lot of pain, isolation and rejection in my life, which only compounded my feeling of abandonment and fear, therefore my usage continued to get worse..... It was a never ending cycle which just spiralled me into deeper depression and hatred towards not only myself, but everybody around me.

I have tried various other forms of treatment from countless psychiatric hospital admissions to psychologists, community outpatient rehab services to DBT treatment. Over the years these services have cost me countless dollars and had very little effect on dealing with and freeing me from my mental health and drug addiction issues.

My last hospitalisation of only 10 days was at a cost of $40,000 dollars, the DBT program was a 52 week program (that I couldn't get past 6 months of) costing $5,200 and I've paid psychologists an average of $160 per week for a number of years and I was on a cocktail of heavy medication amounting to over $100 a month.

All of this hard earned money spent you would expect results right?

If anything, things just got worse.

My drug use got heavier, my happiness became almost non-existent, my productivity at work declined, I had to drop back to 4 days a week at work, I've taken an astronomical 80 absent days at work this year alone, my relationships became strained and my bank balance become lighter and lighter by the day as did I.

I was run down, my face was gaunt, I had no colour in my face, no spark in my eyes, I weighed only 56 kgs and I was paranoid of the simplest things like catching the train.


After hearing from a friend the unique and innovative approach Ryan and Mel take to tackle addiction, mental health and emotional issues, I decided to look into their services further. I think it was actually a combination of the TMCH's blogs and inspiring videos on their YouTube channel that really got me interested in their services.

The fresh, unconventional approach to how they are tackling such prevalent, yet still such stigmatised issues was really refreshing so I booked my FREE consultation session with TMCH straight away.

From the moment I walked through the door of their office, I knew I was right where I NEEDED to be.

I was high however Ryan and Mel didn't judge me, talk down to me or treat me like a second class citizen. They welcomed me with open arms, warm hearts and big smiles.

The fact that they have both battled their own demons and knew exactly what I was going through was extremely comforting and gained my trust straight away..... It's very hard to find a practitioner who can relate to your struggles and I think that makes a huge difference.

So I signed myself up for the 12 week addiction recovery package without hesitation.

The package has a great combination of therapies included.

I have a weekly 2 hour healing session, I have had a few infrared sauna sessions which are great for relaxing and get deep under the skin to really detox and cleanse your body. I was given a great nutritional support package of supplements to help me get back all the nutrients I'd lost through poor eating etc. I have experienced flotation therapy (which is one of the most relaxing forms of meditation and best experiences I've ever had). They also offer daily support via message or phone and not a day goes by where either Mel or Ryan don't contact me to see how I'm doing.

The fact that it is an out patient program, not requiring you to be isolated from the real world for months at a time was a really important part for me. I still have bills to pay and need to know how to cope with the temptations the outside world throws at me.

Having dealt with such a conventional health system for many years, I didn't really know what to expect from the sessions, but after my first session I knew it was the perfect treatment for me.

My first healing session with Mel was intense to say the least. She had tapped into my subconscious and was bringing up things I didn't even know were issues, but obviously were..... By the end of our session she had me crying, but it was exactly what I needed.

Each session we just peel back the layers of my past and my subconscious mind, bringing everything to the attention of my conscious mind. It is REALLY powerful and empowering work that Mel does.

Ryan has taught me some really useful breathing techniques which have made a huge difference to my state of mind also. He has taught me some really valuable knowledge around exercise and nutrition that has seen me achieve some really positive results. And his videos..... They are light-hearted and always put a smile on my face, but at the same time are bringing up some really valid and interesting topics/points.

From as soon as my second session and my pipe smashing ceremony at TMCH I had quit ALL drugs and I am so proud to say I am in week eight of the program and I have not touched drugs since that second week..... More successful than any rehab service I have heard about.

I have put on 8 kgs, I have definition back in my face and body, I have a healthy colour back in my skin, I have a regular sleep pattern, an exercise routine, I have not taken any prescription medication and am stable, I am eating healthy, I haven't missed a day at work for 6 weeks, I have more confidence in myself than I ever had before, my whole attitude has become more positive and people are really noticing all the positive impacts the drug addiction program through The Melbourne Centre Of Healing has had on my life.

I have so much gratitude for and formed a beautiful friendship with the two amazing souls that are Ryan and Mel and the life changing work they have done with me to achieve such an amazing result has me happier, more aware, alive and awake than ever before. The centre really is a blessing and has truly helped me turn my life around and given me some amazing life skills I will carry forever.

Thank you Ryan and Mel for the work you both do, You are amazing and inspiring souls.

If I could have given The Centre for Healing a 50 star rating I would have. " 

Judy Card.jpg


To all of the amazing team members at The Melbourne Centre of Healing. This is a big thank you for helping to set me on the right road to recovery. If it wasn't for the devotion and dedication that you all share with helping people I would never have known that there were programs out there that could help people like me. 

I have tried them all but nothing compares with what you have to offer. I will be singing your praises every chance I get. Don't stop what you are doing as the world needs people like you!

Many thanks and blessings,

Judy Smith



Its important for human beings to fall in every aspect of life, because its the only way you learn. If all you do is succeed, its hard to learn. I read somewhere, God doesn’t come into us through awards and ceremony. God comes into us through our scars and wounds. Knowledge, wisdom , growth comes into when we have failed, when we have had set backs. My greatest epiphanies and growth this year have come to me at the bottom of a nervous breakdown, when I was suffering so much that I didn’t think it was humanely possible.

You THINK you’re broke, but it turned out, you’re really broken OPEN.

Thank you Melissa Hiemann and Ryan Hassan or being there the last 12 weeks at every dark and light turn and corner, thanks for holding and walking me in the unconscious of my traumas and past upsets. Thank you so much. You have changed a life.

Please invest in your health, your well brings, seek it, the right person at the right time will present themselves and do the work and prepare to let go of the old you and begin the transformation. This is not an end or a beginning, it’s just a part of the process.

Asked to be anonymous for privacy reasons.

Asked to be anonymous for privacy reasons.

St Kilda, Melbourne Australia

"At that lowest point in my life, anxiety began to rule my day, meaning that I began to withdraw myself from friends, family and work. I felt judged and misunderstood. Hiding away from the world felt safe momentarily but it all felt like this familiar vicious cycle. How far will I go this time I asked myself...not even I knew the answer. In the past I've filled my time with gratitude tools/self help books and seeing a psychologist. This pain was not an 'on the surface' pain where I needed to separate my emotions from my thoughts. I needed to connect the two and figure out all these suppressed emotions. The misconception of seeking help is what delayed my contact with TMCH. Once I finally contacted Mel, it felt like an instant relief. I remember feeling very fragile on my first day. As I entered the centre Mel and Ryan greeted me with such warmth. That was probably the hardest part. To overcome that initial doubt and be open to trust the process. Mel has provided support and been very responsive to my many questions/emotions that have arisen throughout the program. I'm now in week 6 and have found the program to be one of the best things I've ever done for myself. The biggest breakthrough is discussing my past trauma, building up my confidence and loving myself again. I am now able to better support myself, am more present within my relationships with friends and family. I can look forward to the future where I can now apply myself towards my career path/studies. I have so much clarity. To those considering beginning the program. I encourage you to trust the process and overcome that doubt that you are about to do something good for yourself. It's okay to not be okay and reach out."


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Testing and Measuring

We take particular care in making sure our clients know what changes are being made in each session. We have an innovative methodology (EHT) when it comes to ensuring client outcomes are being fulfilled and there is a noticeable shift in each session.

We measure several levels in each session over the duration of the program.
These levels are;
Client feedback Logical/Conscious level
Client feedback on Subconscious/Programming level
Client Feedback on Physical/Bio-Feedback level.

These measurements are compared over each session as accumulative data which allows us to pinpoint key concerns, trauma healing and coping mechanism causes.
Allowing for specified shifting in each session on all levels.

The approach the we take is unique to our clinic, as the techniques and program that we deliver represent a new model of care.

Success Rate

Our success rate varies from 60% - 80 % for addictions (including Ice addiction rehab).

Our success rate in terms of reduction of Anxiety and Depression symptoms (and prescription reliance) range between 80% - 90% success rate. Conditions such as mood disorders and PTSD show a high success rate in recovering from even long term diagnoses. 

Causes of stress and significance of effect on mental capacity, emotional state, relationships and health ranges from a 9/10 rating by client (highly stressed) and by the end of the program 95% of clients rate 0-1/10 (low or no stress). 

Other Benefits

Clients that have completed either the 8 week or 12 week programs report on a sense of confidence, peacefulness and improvement in several areas of life.

We offer on-going sessions after the program which bring healing and tools to last a lifetime.