A Whole New Level!

Would you be interested in taking your personal development and wellbeing to a whole new level??

We have proudly created a program which incorporates our powerful and exclusive healing methodology to enhance several areas of your life, including;

- Self love

- Relationships

- Stress management

- Success at work and business

- Health and energy levels

and much more.

We will create a specific framework for your particular goal over 8 Weeks of work with our team of highly skills and caring therapist, healers and Kinesiologists.
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How do I take part in a program?

Here are the steps to get started…

1. Book in a Free Initial Consultation where you get to meet us, we find out what you are wanting and we explain how the therapy and program works in detail.

2. Choose the payment option which works for you (or find out if your company can allocate the amount from their employee training fund which is tax deductible for them with a happier more productive you.. win win)!

3. We will assign you with your main therapists who would be best aligned with achieving your goals.

4. Choose the main day and time each week to come in, along with your registration form and payment to get started asap.

What is included?

Please click here to see inclusions, please note that we can explain each one and how they all work together in more detail during your Free Initial Consultation .

How much is it?

… and what if I cannot pay it all upfront?
The investment to take this transformative journey is $3900 + GST for the 2 months of the program. 
Don't worry, you can still get started straight away! We offer Zipmoney or monthly repayments so you don't have to wait to start

Who is it for?

Whether you are wanting to increase your sales and productivity in your business or work, improve your overall health and wellbeing, or take your meditation and personal development to the next level this is for you!

If you are ready to take your health and wellbeing to a whole new level book in a free consultation today!